How to Donate

How to Donate to the Gunma University Fund

You can donate either via the website, or through the included donation form.

We request a minimum 1,000 yen per donation from individuals, or 10,000 yen from corporations/groups.

Donation via Website

1Please fill in the donation information on the Donation Form.

* If no purpose (use) is specified for the donation, it will be used for projects related to overall university operation.

* For donations to support hosting Ukrainian students or researchers, please select “Projects related to overall university operation” and add “Support for Ukraine” in the message field.

2Please choose one of the following three payment methods.

  • Credit card
  • Convenience store (We will send you a payment slip)
    You can pay at any 7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Ministop, or Seicomart. *1
  • Bank transfer (We will send you a payment slip)
    (Branch, internet banking, ATM) *2

*1. Donations of or above 300,000 yen cannot be accepted at convenience stores. Please use credit card payment or bank transfer in this case.
*2. You will have to pay the handling fee for bank transfers.

Donation via Donation Form

1Filling in the Donation Form

If you want to donate via post or fax, download the Donation Form, fill in the required details, and send it to the following address.

* If you have a copy of the Gunma University Fund pamphlet (Request for Support for the Gunma University Fund ), you can use the Donation Form in that instead.

2Post or Fax (Fax No.: 027-220-7012)

  • Post: Post the filled-in Donation Form.
  • Fax: Fax the filled-in Donation Form.

* If you have a copy of the Gunma University Fund pamphlet (Request for Support for the Gunma University Fund), please use the included postage-paid envelope.

3Filling in the payment form

Gunma University will send you the Fund payment form, so please select which bank you wish to remit to, and fill in the required details on the specified payment form.

* If you use Towa Bank, Gunma Bank, or SMBC, use the Payment Request Form. If you use the Japan Post Bank, use the Payment Handling Form.

4Making payment

Take the filled-in payment form to a branch of the financial institution you will use to request payment.
If you use the University’s specified payment form and make payment from one of the following four banks, the handling fee will be borne by the University. The donor will not have to pay this fee.

  • Towa Bank
  • Gunma Bank
  • SMBC
  • Japan Post Bank

If you use another bank, you will need to pay that bank’s handling fee. We ask for your understanding in paying the handling fee.
Please also note that the handling fee will be deducted from the donation amount.

* Please note that transfers in excess of 100,000 yen made at branches of financial institutions will require you to show ID (driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.).

5Getting the donation receipt

The University will send you a donation receipt following confirmation of your payment.


Fund Unit General Affairs Section General Affairs Department , Gunma University

Address: 4-2 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi City, Gunma, 371-8510